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Low Cost Virtual Consulting

Total Fundraising Solutions’ staff and associates understand the short and long term challenges that so many non-profit organizations face.  Those challenges can become even more difficult to overcome in an unsettling economic climate.  For a non-profit, remaining healthy and achieving growth can be an arduous task.  Having a strong a fundraising department or hiring a consulting firm can dramatically improve success rates, but the cost can be crippling.


Total Fundraising Solutions has the answer…Low Cost Virtual Consulting.  Now, non-profits can take advantage of the decades of experience that TFS staff and associates bring to the table, at a very low cost.  Simply purchase a consulting package, and use the allocated time to discuss your issues and concerns with TFS staff*.  TFS will then provide solutions and offer support to help your non-profit achieve even the most aggressive goals.

Virtual Consulting Packages:


Silver - $500

One 30 minute initial phone call

2,000 e-mail characters

4 hours additional phone/video calling


Gold - $1,000

One 30 minute initial phone call

4,000 e-mail characters

6 hours additional phone/video calling


Platinum - $2,000

One 30 minute initial phone call

6,000 e-mail characters

8 hours additional phone/video calling

PLUS: 20% discount on all future virtual consulting services

*Services covered by Virtual Consulting include: Board Training & Development, Annual Fund, Membership, Major Gifts and Corporate Sponsorship

Contact us for more information and rates.