helping non-profits build a strong financial future


A dynamic Membership Campaign helps a non-profit organization thrive. The TFS team can give your staff and volunteers the information and tools needed to understand your current members and attract new ones, and we will walk you through the process of linking program goals with membership goals. A strong membership program involves the community, builds program effectiveness, and diversifies and strengthens your funding base.  In helping you create a successful membership campaign, our staff will:
•    Develop a plan and personnel for your campaign
•    Establish goals and a target member profile
•    Establish a timeline
•    Develop a campaign budget to cover materials, postage, advertising, phone and other costs including staff time
•    Set budgeting benchmarks for periodic review of costs vs. membership income
•    Determine the best ways to reach your target members
•    Provide a training program to educate your campaign committee on how to solicit participation
•    Develop incentives for members
•    Set up periodic evaluation meetings to assess your progress toward membership level goals
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