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Fundraising campaigns are labor-intensive and often expensive endeavors for non-profit organizations.  To be truly successful, an organization should conduct a study that provides solid, objective data.  A Feasibility Study gives a clear picture of the feasibility of the campaign goal and helps an organization create a plan of action.  A Feasibility Study would include face-to-face confidential exchanges with 50-70 major prospects, such as current and prospective major donors, governing board members, top administrators, staff and, of course, those who benefit from the organization's services.
 The TFS staff will produce a written report that includes:
•    Analysis of the proposed funding objectives
•    Realistic dollar objective
•    Appropriate campaign strategy, timing, and suggested volunteer leadership

In addition to providing a detailed plan, a Feasibility Study prepares your constituency for a campaign by pre-cultivating key prospects who will be interviewed by the TFS team.

You can be assured that no campaign will be recommended unless the findings and observations support the recommendations.
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