helping non-profits build a strong financial future


Full-time resident direction is a service offered by many firms to raise money, but it can be very expensive. TFS offers cost-effective alternatives for organizations with smaller budgets while accepting responsibility for designing and implementing a solid fundraising program.  Since we are not on site on a full-time basis, we utilize client staff and volunteers to assist with key tasks relative to the fundraising process.

Fundraising Counsel can include daily consulting which involves visiting your agency to advise your management team on a wide range of development issues.  Or, you can retain TFS on a monthly basis and have access to our expertise when you need it, while maintaining responsibility for implementing programs and suggestions yourself.

Either way, we will help strengthen your organization’s fundraising operation and help you meet your fundraising goals.  You can rest assured that contracting with TFS for daily or monthly counsel provides your agency with a cost-effective means to have unlimited access to professionals who can help you stay on track.
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